Policies Effective May 25, 2014

1. FEES — $35 per hour/ $20 per half-hour paid at each lesson with cash, check or credit card. No lessons are given on credit (“I’ll pay you next time”) and no postdated checks are accepted. Any returned checks must be reimbursed with added fees. If you have more than two checks returned, you will be put on a cash only basis. Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with me.

2. LESSON SCHEDULING –Your first lesson will be scheduled by contacting me through the contact form on this website. Please indicate that you are a prospective student and wish to schedule an introductory lesson. All first lessons are free of charge and provide the opportunity to discuss your goals. Should we decide to work together, you may schedule lessons via the link below.

Schedule a Lesson!


3. LOCATION — Unless you are notified otherwise, lessons will take place at Texas Tech University-School of Music Room 121.

4. CANCELLATIONS — If a private lesson is missed without a minimum of 24 hours notice, you will be expected to pay for that lesson before receiving any other lessons. Students registered for credit through Texas Tech who miss a lesson without 24 hours notice will receive a skip and a dock of their grade. Attendance is crucial to your musical progression. Please take it as seriously as I do and notify me as early as possible if you will have to miss a lesson.

5. PIANIST – I am an excellent and highly trained singer. I am not a pianist. Private students are not required to hire a pianist but should the need arise (and hopefully it does), I will provide a list of recommended pianists in the area. You may avail yourself of their services as often or as little as you choose. Students registered for credit through Texas Tech MUST hire a pianist by the third week of the semester. It is your required “textbook” for the course.

6. PROMPTNESS — If you are late, you should still expect the lesson to end at the agreed upon time. If I am running late, I will try to give you your full lesson time. Please allow for some time flexibility.

7. PROCEDURE — When you arrive at the studio for your lesson, knock on the door and wait outside of the office. This will give me time to finish up with the previous student and discuss any private matters that are not to be shared outside of the studio. I will open the door to greet you and dismiss the previous student.